One Hectic Week: 1700 Miles in 7 Days

Glen runs all over creation!

Glen answering students' questions at Rock Your Campus

On a personal note, last week was one of the most hectic I’ve had in a while. In the last seven days I’ve put 1700 miles on my car!

It started off with a trip up to Dunsmuir, CA to meet with a pastors’ gathering, and it was constant motion from then on.

The weekend didn’t provide a single bit of respite–if anything, the pace picked up! Saturday morning I taught a workshop in Davis, and then I preached in Burlingame Saturday night, in San Bruno Sunday morning, and attended a missions banquet in San Jose Sunday evening.

Glen and Paula with some Stanford students at Rock Your Campus


By the way, the top picture is of me conducting the workshop at Rock Your Campus which I titled “Reasonable Answers to Honest Questions” and I helped students process topics ranging from capital punishment and just‐war theory to the levitical code and the existence of suffering. It was fun!

The bottom picture is Paula and I with some of the Stanford students we brought to this ministry training event.

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