USC Prof Dallas Willard On Christianity

University of Southern California philosophy prof Dallas Willard was just interviewed by Relevant Magazine.

He had some interesting things to say: I encourage you to read the article. One excerpt which I thought was particularly relevant to us at Stanford: You know, what we need to do as Christians is to learn to think carefully and well. And that means, as Paul says, try all things, put everything to the test. But you know, were really quite lazy mentally as Christians. We dont feel, I believe, that God is really on the side of thinking or thinking on the side of God, and as a result, we dont discipline ourselves to think. Now, I must tell you there are a lot of young Christians who are coming through the universities now who are good thinkers. I think were really going to see a change in the future on this. J.P. Moreland has a wonderful book: Love God With All Your Mind, which is a beautiful expression of the right approach to these issues. Then we dont have to worry about modernism or postmodernism, or anything else. We just put everything to the test. (read the whole thing)