Seven Things We’re Thankful For

Thanksgiving is coming, and we’re getting thankful in advance.

This has been a great year for Paula and I–we’ve had a lot of fun changes to process! Thinking back, here are seven things we’re thankful for:

1) Were thankful for five wonderful years of ministry to the students back in Springfield, MO!

2) Were thankful for a safe and fun move west (and especially for the friends we were able to visit with as we drove across America).

3) Were thankful that we now have the honor of representing Christ to the worlds future leaders at Stanford University!

4) Were thankful for the many relationships God has granted us with Stanford students, both grad and undergrad (nearly 25 so far). Pioneering is often much, much harder, and we’re grateful for how easy God has made it for us!

5) Were thankful for living in such a wonderful apartment across the street from campus. The best thing about it our proximity to students: Kevin, who is pursuing his masters in engineering, can bike from his dorm to our apartment in about three minutes!

6) Were also thankful that God has provided us with what is quite possibly the most vibrantly yellow car on the planet! Weve got a few nicknames for this irrepressibly perky vehicle, including The Curious George Mobile and The Happy Car.

7) And finally, were thankful for friends like you who support us, pray for us, and show concern for us and for our ministry. Thank you and thank God for you! We wholeheartedly echo the apostle Paul, How can we possibly thank God enough for all the happiness you have brought us? (1st Thessalonians 3.9, CEV)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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