The Worst Haircut Experience Of My Life

If I may be permitted to vent for a moment, I just received the worst treatment I’ve ever received from a barbershop–namely the The Haircut in the Stanford Shopping Center.

Once I sat in the barber’s chair everything was out of my control–my hair was not cut as I asked, my head was manhandled as though I were a fidgety three-year-old child, and at the end the protective drape was ripped off my body and an industrial-strength blowdrier was run over me to remove any loose hair.

They never even asked me if I was happy with my haircut. I had to remain seated and ask if I could look in a mirror to see the results!

I still have stray hairs prickling my skin as I type this.

Most disappointing…

2 thoughts on “The Worst Haircut Experience Of My Life”

  1. Sounds like a poor customer service experience to me, although my voyages to the barber have been racked with many similiar and even worse experiences. One time I went into our local barber’s store and placed a full soda cup on a table far from the chair and out of the way of the barber, yet he still managed to bump against it and spill all of its contents onto the hair littered floor. The barber and I rushed for towels to clean up the discrepancy and the experience left me with a red face and a yearning never to come into his shop again.

  2. If you go there, you have to ask for Charlie. He does a great job. The other people there can be really bad (and will often cut your hair in under 5 minutes).

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