Wow–thanks for the love!

I haven’t updated since our last announcement because we were deluged with nearly 150 emails congratulating us on our reproductive prowess (or words to that effect). Thanks for all the love!

People are wondering about names.

So far, we’re thinking of Gray Davis, Mavis Davis, April Fools Davis (say it out loud slowly), Raina Davis (like the last one, only less obvious), and Dave Davis.

Also, we’re thinking about funny initials: it’s not too hard to find names that spell out GOD, DUD, DED, or SAD.

For the humor-impaired, I would like to clearly state that these are, of course, all facetious.

We have no names in mind, nor do we have a gender preference.

If you think of any funny names please do let us know!

2 thoughts on “Wow–thanks for the love!”

  1. That’s a good one. If we’re going to go with an ‘O’ name, I’d prefer Osama.

    He wouldn’t have a hard time on the playground at all, would he?

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