Extremely Productive Day

My friend Andrew Careaga (aka Cleopatra) correctly pointed out that being number one isn’t always a desirable thing, so I thought I’d give him some props. Check out his site.

Anyway, today was extremely productive. Tim Smith (the Chi Alpha @ Sacramento State guy who gamely tried to recruit Glen Cole to our Chi Alpha family) and I met with John Harris and Doug Reid of Capital Christian Center in Sacramento. Doug is the student ministries pastor and John works on his staff to reach college students.

Doug recently came on staff and commissioned a demographic study of all the students in Sacramento. He was floored when he realized that there were more college students than high school students (150,000 collegians) and that he only had 1.5 staff people focusing on them (out of a student ministries staff of 20).

Being a sharp guy, Doug realized that he needs to radically realign his ministry to touch college students.

We had a great meeting and I think that we’ve got some great ideas for synergizing their outreach with what Chi Alpha is doing. Alongside Noble’s model in Springfield, MO (if you don’t know I don’t have time to explain it) this could really be a huge stride forward for Assemblies of God college ministry.

Afterwards, Paula and I got to hang with Tim and Julie at California Pizza Kitchen afterwards. Good food and good friends.

If you’re a Chi Alpha person reading this blog, know that we always have extremely productive days in Northern California / Nevada that culminate in highly fun and relational meals.

Come west, young leader! There are over 80 sizeable colleges to choose from…

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