Update From Oxford

One of our Chi Alpha students, Andrew Wright, said this in an email about Dana: I went to Oxford today. I’m still speechless; never been more impressed in all my life. Send Dana there, but only if her beauty fades. It’s an awesome school full of ugly women and I’d hate to see all the men fighting over your daughter.

That just made me laugh.

It reminds me of a joke I’ve heard about MIT. The male/female ratio is pretty tilted there, so if you’re a gal “the odds are good, but the goods are odd.”

You Know Life is Good When…

Contemplating my newborn daughter today, I had an epiphany: you know life is good when you have people competing for the privilege of wiping your bottom…

UPDATE: while up late with Dana, I decided to put this insight into haiku form


Version A:
Concerning newborns
I reflect: Life is good when
people wipe your butt

Version B:
Concerning newborns:
they lie screaming as servants
vie to wipe their butts

Baby Got Back (Home, That Is)

Just a quick update–we got Dana home today in the midafternoon.

Thanks for the TON of emails–for once I had more legitimate messages than spam! It feels good to get 90 or so congratulatory missives.

Now that Dana’s home we’ll be sure to dress her up in some cute outfits and post pictures online. I’ll try and do a short little webcam movie, too.

For the baby-unitiated (i.e., all the collegians I know), I’ll be very tardy in responding to emails, phone calls, and smoke signals. I’ll post short little updates here as oft as I can, but expect them to be few and far between. If they’re more frequent, consider that lagniappe.

D-Day (Delivery Day)

Our first child, Dana Marie Davis, arrived March 25, 2004 at 4:03pm PST. She was 6 lbs 7 oz, and 18″ long. Ten fingers, ten toes, the whole bit.

Delivery was actually very easy for Paula. From the time she started pushing until the time of delivery took less than an hour. To top it off, Paula felt relatively little pain throughout. We’re still counting our blessings and thanking everyone who prayed in that direction!

See photos of Dana in our gallery.

That’s the essential outline–if you want the blow-by-blow, read more.

I actually wrote most of the following at the hospital (yes, I brought my laptop with me–it amused the nurses, I think), so please forgive the verb tenses.
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