That Awful Sinking Feeling

This morning around 9:50 I glanced at my calendar and realized that I had a rather important meeting at 10:00. In Sacramento. 125 miles away.

As my stomach sank into my socks I began making those pathetic, desperate sounds I am prone to make in such situtations, “Urgh. Ack. Jeez. No. Must be a mistake. Shoot. AARGH!”

That may seem mild, but I assure you that if I was possessed of a more flexible vocabulary I would have employed every unwholesome utterance at the stereotypical sailor’s disposal. As it is I probably pushed the boundaries for someone in my line of work–at least internally.

Anyway, I was out the door in a flash and arrived just in time for lunch.

As it turned out I only missed the informational part of the meeting and was able to be present for the decision‐making discussions.

Which is fortunate, because the world needs more uninformed people making important decisions… 🙂

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