Thanksgiving 2004

Thanksgiving was quite wonderful.

My brother Greg visited (and we played through Halo 2 on co-op–he had the same reaction I did to the abrupt ending), we had a ton of students over for Turkey Day itself, my friend Anthony got XBox live and we gamed together, and I bought a 200 gig hard drive for under $50. Gotta love those Fry’s “day after Thanksgiving” specials…

Anyway, given my new abundance of disk space I decided to install Linux. I did it once in college and enjoyed playing with it. I expected much the same experience (namely a few days of fighting with arcane and needlessly obscure configuration files), and I have to say I’m blown away by how far it’s come. I downloaded the Fedora Core 3 distribution and setup was a snap. Fedora auto-detected everything (including my sound card and network configuration) and installed a very nice graphical interface called Gnome.

And to top it off, it kept all my existing information intact so that my computer will now boot either Windows XP or Linux at my whim.

How cool is that?

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