Look, I’m On TV! Sort Of. Not Really.

Inspired by Mark Driscoll’s example, I videotaped last week’s Chi Alpha meeting and put it online using Google Video. So now you can just go to google video and search for something like “Jesus at Stanford” and the video will appear.

Or you can just go to the xastanford.org website and see it there. Google lets you embed the videos wherever you want. Pretty amazing, huh?

Not bad for our first try. Now I need to brainstorm about making it more attractive–the blackboard is pretty unappealing. For that matter, I’m not all that appealing–I need a fashion makeover or something. And I need to talk slower. Still, not too bad for our first try.

So why do we record these meetings? I can imagine someone alleging that it’s some sort of egomaniacal thing. As a rebuttal, I can only offer my poor grooming skills. Egomaniacs exfoliate.

So why do we record our meetings? 3 reasons:

1) We want to make it easy for our students to invite their friends to come.

Chi Alphan: “Come check out this meeting. It’s the best thing since sleep. And the wheel. And fire.”
College Pagan: “Wow. What’s it like?”
Chi Alphan: “Your computer on?”
College Pagan: “Yeah.”
Chi Alphan: “Go to google video and search for ‘Jesus at Stanford’ — that’s one of our meetings.”

2) So our students still be part of our community when they’re doing a study abroad. We’ve been listened to on at least three continents. I’m gunning for the whole globe!

3) I sometimes refer back to previous messages and it’s easy to say, “You know, I talked about that a few quarters ago. I don’t have time to explain all my thoughts on that right now–go get it off our website and ask me any follow-up questions you have.”

Since we were already recording in MP3, video was a no-brainer. We can do both easily, so why not?

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