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Brian just tagged me with this seminary questionnaire. As I’ve mentioned before, seminary is great preparation for ministry. In fact, I think the ideal ministry trajectory is for someone to go a secular university for their undergrad and then to get seminary training. This is more common than many suppose — roughly half the students at my seminary came from secular universities.

Anyway, here’s the meme:

This Seminary Meme is part of a competition sponsored by Going to Seminary and Eisenbrauns. If you’d like to be entered, simply answer the 7 questions below and tag 5 other people. You’ll also need to post this paragraph (links included) with your answers as the links will be tracked back to your blog and will count as your “entry” into the competition. On April 30th, 2008, one blogger will be selected at random to win a $100 gift certificate to the Eisenbrauns online bookstore.

  1. Where did you attend seminary?

    The Assemblies of God Theological Seminary

  2. What class do you think has most impacted your spiritual life?

    Effective Leadership with Mel Ming.

  3. What seminary professor was most influential while in seminary?

    Tough call. Remarkably tough. Every prof I had at AGTS rocked my world one way or another.

  4. What was the greatest challenge you faced in seminary?

    Not coasting.

  5. What was the greatest reward you experienced in seminary?


  6. What did you do after seminary?

    The same thing I did while I was in seminary — I ministered to students at secular universities.

  7. While in seminary, how many times were asked what you’d do after graduating?

    Almost never — I telegraphed my intentions pretty clearly.

I’m supposed to tag five people. The amazing Mr. Zickafoose has not participated, and I don’t think Earl Creps

has either. Nor have Lane Douglas download monkey shines online nor George P. Wood nor Mark Batterson. Prediction: probability of any of them participating is less than download

2 thoughts on “Seminary Meme”

  1. so no particular prof you connected with? I too did the secular university — seminary route and I agree with you, that is a good one to take — especially if one is a part of a XA group!

  2. Actually, I connected with too many of them. I’m scared that if I started to list one I’d leave off someone crucial to my development. Pretty much every prof there was huge for me and I’d gladly sit down for lunch with any of them today.

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