This Just In: George Wood is on Facebook

It’s truly a new day in the Assemblies of God. George Wood is on Facebook. For those of you from another world, he’s the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God. So he’s kind of like our Pope. Just with a lot less authority. And without the cool wardrobe. Or a Popemobile. He’s basically in charge, though.

I noticed it by accident earlier today and I thought it had to be a mistake. Once I realized it really was him and not some Bible college kid playing a joke, I emailed him to ask if it was okay to share this publicly — I thought perhaps he had accidentally left his privacy settings too open.

It turns out he’s available on purpose. He accepts friend requests from peons like me (and presumably you).

And on top of that, Dr. Wood has been podcasting like crazy with two separate podcasts: interviews with leaders and studies in the book of Mark


And he’s not the only one savvy to the digital age. The General Secretary, John Palmer, has a blog

summer of sam download

. Not only that, his blog is hosted on an official Assemblies of God installation of WordPress MU supergirl online download : who knew we had come so far?

Not to be outdone, the new (as in beginning his term of office today) General Treasurer, Doug Clay, has been blogging on Blogger for quite a while.

My head is spinning. I don’t know if I can handle all this digitization of our leadership at legionnaire dvdrip it s pat dvd

3 thoughts on “This Just In: George Wood is on Facebook”

  1. Hey Glen!

    This is “Jen Mills” from SMS XA (keyboardist after Lori). That’s awesome that Dr. Wood is on Facebook. It truly is a new day in the AGsphere. Well, I just thought I’d say hey and let you know about my AG Blogger site: I work at TPE ( so my site is one of several TPE staff blogs.

    Hope you and Paula are doing well!


  2. yeah, I have Brother Wood as a friend on my facebook too. I attended the XA group in Bellingham while in college.

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