Dr. Dana

I’m a little under the weather today (I have this really painful cough that kept me up most of the night) and Dana noticed that I was rubbing my eyes at lunch. The following dialog ensued:

Dana: “Watchoo doing?”
Daddy: “Daddy’s sick and tired, and he’s trying to feel better.”
Dana: “You wanna feel much better?”
Daddy: “Yes, Daddy would really like to feel much better.”
Dana: “You want some diaper cream?”

Bless her heart.

Yes, today is my birthday.

In response to those who have asked, today is indeed my birthday. My 32nd birthday, to be precise. Thank you for all the warm wishes.

If you happen to be a Stanford student, I would appreciate it if you would translate your warm wishes into a visit to our Chi Alpha meeting tonight. 🙂

If you’re not a Stanford student, a visit to a nearby church this Sunday would warm my heart as well.

So I Was Pooping The Other Day

So I was pooping the other day and Dana came and started talking to me through the bathroom door. She asked to come in and I explained that Daddy needed his privacy. So she sat down outside the bathroom door and tried to peek through the gap beneath it.

When I flushed the toilet Dana began cheering and clapping.

“Daddy went in the big girl potty! Good job, Daddy”

Oddly enough, it made me feel proud of myself.

Delightful Communications

The response to my April Wisdom post was every bit as wonderful as I had hoped.

Only one person commented on the blog, but we got several more “live” communications. My personal favorite: a voicemail message that said, among other things, “I thought we had a deal.”


Anyway, the anwers are:
Glen bald — TRUE
Paula pregant — TRUE
House purchased — HAH

This Goes Cluck!

Tonight we fed Dana fish sticks for the first time. The following is as close to a verbatim transcription as I can muster:

Me: “Dana, do you like those?”
Dana: “Yes.”
Me: “Those are fish sticks.”
Dana: “Chicken nuggets.”
Me: “No, they’re fish sticks.”
Dana: “Chicken.”
Me: “Fish sticks.”
Dana: “Chicken nuggets.”
Me: “Dana, those are fish sticks.”
Dana, greatly vexed, shook her fish stick at me and said, “This goes cluck!”

That just charmed my socks off.

Mess With Glen’s Head

You now have a chance to mess with Glen’s head. That’s right–you get to pick my next hairstyle.

Why? I have a dilemma: I am balding yet not bald. I don’t know what to do.

Almost anything (emphasis on almost) will be considered.

Assuming there’s no evidence of vote fraud (always a peril on the internet), I commit to giving the winning hairstyle a sincere try.

So what are you waiting for? Mess with my head!

Dana’s Disconcerting Insight

Two days ago as Dana was helping me wash dishes, she blurted out “Robi have penis.”

I paused mid‐scrub. “Really?”

Robi is our two‐year‐old neighbor and Dana’s favorite playmate. They see one another quite a bit, but evidently they have also seen quite a bit of each other. As I was contemplating this development, Dana expounded on her original thesis.

“Yes. Change diaper, Robi have penis.”

“Robi got his diaper changed and you saw that he had a penis?”

“Yes. Penis in diaper.”

“That was very perceptive of you, Dana.”

She smiled widely and continued to help me washing dishes.

I choose not to be disturbed that my two‐year‐old daughter was thinking about the fascinating anatomical differences between men and women on Valentine’s day.


I don’t normally participate in these meme things, but Scott Aughtmon tagged me publicly at lunch yesterday and so I feel obliged to throw my four cents in.

Four Jobs I’ve Had:
* Lifeguard
* Police Officer
* Computer Services (in a hospital)
* Minister

Four movies I can watch over and over:
* Monty Python & the Holy Grail
* Rat Race
* The Princess Bride
* Arsenic and Old Lace

Four places I have lived:
* Lafayette, LA
* Natchitoches, LA
* Springfield, MO
* Palo Alto, CA

Four shows I like to watch:
* Mythbusters
* Inside the Actor’s Studio
* Battlestar Galactica
* Whose Line Is It, Anyway?

Four foods that I like:
* Chocolate Chip Cookies
* Fried Rice
* BBQ Chicken Pizza
* Hamburgers

Four websites I visit daily:
* reddit.com
* getreligion.org
* Cool Tools
* The Web Comic List

Four things I want to do before I die:
* earn a doctorate
* learn a living language
* write a book
* see Dana succeed in life

Four people I’m tagging: (Paula has been implicitly tagged since this is GlenAndPaula.com)
* Lindsey Hawley
* Earl Creps (he hasn’t ppsted lately and needs a kick to get him started again)
* Will Phillips (ditto)
* Greg Davis