About Us

We’re Glen & Paula Davis, Assemblies of God missionaries to Stanford. We lead a ministry called Chi Alpha which is authorized by the university to conduct religious services on campus and is organized as a voluntary student organization. We are, of course, affiliated with Chi Alpha Campus Minstries, USA.

Here’s the sort of information we’ve been asked about for church bulletins and the like. We place it here on the off chance that the President of the United States, members of a Nobel committee, or a journalist for the New York Times has sudden need of it.

Glen Talbot Davis (facebook)

Ancestry: On my mother’s side lies a political assassin and on my father’s lies a man who escaped from a Texas jail where he was being held for murder. He fled to Louisiana where he lived under an assumed name and operated a brothel. He was poaching alligators when one bit his leg off. He subsequently hunted it down and made it into a pair of boots which are now a family treasure. I am not sure which side of the family I resemble more closely.
Really Began to Follow Jesus: at a seventh-grade chapel service
Baptized in the Holy Spirit: as a college sophomore in UL Chi Alpha
Called to Ministry: as a college junior at a Chi Alpha conference
Education: Master of Divinity (AGTS, 1999)
Bachelor of Science (University of Louisiana, 1996)
Deeply Influenced By: The Spirit of the Disciplines, Mere Christianity, The Master Plan of Evangelism
Goal: Establish a credible, consistent and pervasive Spirit-filled gospel witness at Stanford.

Paula Kay Davis (facebook)

Really Began to Follow Jesus: July 23, 1990 at a Bible Study
Baptized in the Holy Spirit: August 1990 at a Bible Study
Called to Ministry: Summer 1992 at a youth conference
Education: Bachelor of Science (University of Louisiana, 1996)
Hobbies: Enjoy sewing, cooking and spending time with friends

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