Time on “The Religious Superiority Complex”

Time magazine has an interesting article on the idea that one’s religion is better than another’s. The author paints a more nuanced picture than you might guess based on the title.

As a devout believer, Boykin may also wonder why it is impermissible to say that the God you believe in is superior to the God you don’t believe in. I wonder this same thing as a nonbeliever: Doesn’t one religion’s gospel logically preclude the others’? (Except, of course, where they overlap with universal precepts, such as not murdering people, that even we nonbelievers can wrap our heads around.) Although Boykin’s version of Christianity seems less like monotheism than the star of a high school polytheism tournament, his basic point is that Christianity is right and Islam is wrong. Doesn’t the one imply the other? Pretending that my religion is no better than your religion may make for fewer religious wars, but it seems contrary to the very idea of religion. For this, you take a leap of faith?

Read The Religious Superiority Complex (check out Christianity Today’s weblog for related info).

One thought on “Time on “The Religious Superiority Complex””

  1. You are correct. Just because I say that my God is better than the Islam God does not mean that my God is better. As a matter of fact, I find it quite interesting that the Islams seem to honor their God better than we honor ours. We are truly shamed. Do you agree?

    The thing that makes my God better than the Islam God is that my God saved me even when I was a sinner. I still sin. Though I have not actually killed anyone, sometimes my heart is truly ugly. I know this and I ask my God for help and guidance. He gives it to me. I know it because my attitude towards people change with time. I accept them for who they are and not what I desire them to be.

    Peace be with you

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