Sacrifice a Song

We’re now offering brief meditations on the Bible that you can download to your portable MP3 player. Our challenge is simple–sacrifice a song. Take the time you would spend listening to one song and turn that snippet of time into a prayer oasis in the midst of your day.

Right now we’re thinking about the prayers that the apostles prayed and how they can serve as examples for us. Our hope is to make it easy for you to include prayer in your daily schedule.

You can listen to a sample (now fixed)

We’re using a technology called podcasting, which is just a fancy way of delivering MP3 files to your iPod (or other Mp3 player) over the internet.

If you use iTunes, just click on ‘Advanced’ and then ‘Subscribe to Podcast.’ Enter into the box that pops up. That’s it–you’re done!

If you don’t use iTunes but like to listen to MP3s, download the free iPodder, instead.

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