8 Random Facts About Me

Will Phillips asked me to make 8 quirky comments about myself, so here goes:

  1. When I reheat foods, I like to set the microwave for a prime number of seconds (i.e., 17, 23, 37, etc).
  2. I tend to disdain “literary fiction” — I find that the typical science fiction or fantasy novel is just as insightful and vastly more entertaining.
  3. I write PHP programs to relax.
  4. I hardly ever watch TV anymore — I’m pretty much exclusively devoted to watching programs on Netflix. My wife and I are currently on a Veronica Mars kick.
  5. I used to hate talk radio, but now I love listening to Dennis Prager. I find him very stimulating.
  6. I don’t like the New York Times mostly because it doesn’t carry comics. Seriously. I want my Get Fuzzy and my Pearls Before Swine!
  7. I don’t eat the meal before I preach. Maybe it’s psychological, but I feel that the food in my belly makes me slow-witted.
  8. The main reason I haven’t written a book is that I feel that there are too many books out there already — the great stuff is getting lost in the flood.

So there. 8 things about me you probably didn’t know.

2 thoughts on “8 Random Facts About Me”

  1. Interesting facts…you still still write a book! After all, there are also a flood of blogs…

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