Adventures at 320 Below


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Freshmen have arrived on campus this week, and we’ve had a blast meeting them. Our strategy isn’t super-sophisticated — we just set up a table on White Plaza and beckon students over to chat with us. We also give them free stuff (like popcorn and these really cool eco-friendly shopping bags).

The photo on the right is me and a couple of our hardworking students.

But there’s been an unexpectedly cool development. The table next to us has been for the Stanford Educational Studies Program free easter egg adventure the (they’re trying to recruit some freshmen to teach high school students stuff) and is manned by one of our students, Ben. Ben works with really cold stuff — about as close to absolute zero as humanity has been able to get (millikelvins, if you’re curious). So something like liquid nitrogen is like hot chocolate to him — it’s at a mere 320 Fahrenheit below zero. I know 320 below sounds cold, but most of the universe is much, much colder than that — just not the part that we inhabit.


avodart side effects the ballad of josie download So Ben brings these containers (called dours) of liquid nitrogen out to White Plaza and makes ice cream with them

in front of people. It’s very eye-catching. Massive amounts of fog are generated. And the resulting ice cream is yummy.

Anyway, the drink for my lunch had gotten warm, so I asked Ben if we could use some liquid nitrogen to cool it off. It worked like a charm. Plus it was fun to do. Extremely fun.

That morning I had already been thinking that I had one of the best jobs in the world. And then I get to play with liquid nitrogen. While doing my job. Campus ministry rocks.

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