This is a wonderful interview. There are so many great lines. My favorite may be:

Q: How are the sharks cognizant enough to keep biting people while they’re flying through the air?

A: If you were a shark and you found yourself flying through the air, wouldn’t you keep biting? I think you’d be pretty pissed about being plucked out of your nice familiar ocean where you’re king of the predators, and you’d probably take it out on whoever got in your way. Honestly, I don’t understand why people are so perplexed by this concept. The logic is undeniable.

Google for the trailer.

We asked the writer of Sharknado some very serious questions

Tonight, Syfy debuts the greatest shark disaster epic since Sharktopus. It’s called Sharknado. And yeah, it’s about a tornado — full of sharks. Thunder Levin wrote the script, and we caught up with him to ask some philosophical questions about this important film that forces us to question the very nature of reality itself.
io9: Is there any scientific basis, however tenuous, for sharknado?
Thunder Levin: Yes. There are numerous confirmed repor…

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