My Week At A Glance

Running around with my head cut off.

Last weekend I promised my dad that I’d put some personal news on the site, and I’ve been not doing that ever since. Sorry!

Last weekend was pretty neat: Paula and I got to share in two churches: Cameron Park Christian Center and Lakeview Assembly. They were both quite cool in different ways. It wasn’t even that much driving–they’re within two hours or so of one another!

The work week was pretty busy: the students returned from spring break, and I really felt that I needed to talk about the war head‐on. What good is faith if it doesn’t inform your everyday view of the world?

At the same time, I don’t think it’s my job to tell people what to think; rather, I’m to help them learn to think in a Biblical way. So I opted to talk about the subject of warfare in general, what we should think about it, and what we should do in a time of war. All that to say, I had a lot of prep work to do!

I put my notes on the group website so they could follow up on some references I made.

As usual, we went to the Stanford Coffeehouse afterward and stayed up for far too long talking.

Wednesday I made a TON of phone calls. My ear still hurts (not really).

Thursday Paula and I decided to have some students over for a home‐cooked meal and we stayed up entirely too late talking (notice the pattern).

Friday I was sick (no doubt due to the aforementioned pattern).

Which brings me to today. I got sunburn on my ears. I hope they don’t peel too visibly while I’m preaching tomorrow–I bet that would be distracting.

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