The Jesus FAQ

?I’ve added another essay to my growing pile. This one is called The Jesus FAQ (pdf) It’s a companion piece to Why Jesus? — it explains what we can know about Jesus even if we don’t think that the Bible is inspired. The questions I have in the current draft are:

  1. Is there any record of Jesus outside the Bible?
  2. What did Jesus look like?
  3. Where did Jesus live?
  4. What did Jesus do for a living?
  5. Did Jesus have a family?
  6. What did Jesus teach?
  7. Why was Jesus killed?
  8. How was Jesus killed?
  9. How did Jesus come to be worshiped?

I expect to revise this essay several times as I get questions and feedback. There are nearly 100 footnotes, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve used inconsistent formatting in my references. There are probably factual errors or ambiguities as well (hopefully small ones). Please let me know if you find one!

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