I’m not sharing this because of the topic or the author’s point of view. Instead, he made a fascinating observation: “How much free speech do we have? It depends on the medium. Maybe the sequence from less to more censored is: 1. Conversation. 2. Email and other private writing. 3. Blog post. 4. Poorly-written book. 5. Article in minor magazine. 6. Well-written book. 7. Article in prestigious magazine. 8. Textbook. From one step to the next (e.g., from conversation to email), views become less diverse.” I am not sure I buy the middle points of his continuum (although maybe he means by “well-written book” something more like “controversial book written by someone otherwise culturally respectable”).

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When the figures were published the extraordinary lack of data underlying the blade of the Yamal hockey stick caused a minor sensation. In fact the high point at the end of the graph was shown to have…

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