The Greek New Testament Online

I just ran across a most remarkable online Bible study tool: the Greek New Testament browser. If you ever want to do some serious study this site will be pretty helpful. I can’t say enough good things about this site’s elegant interface and solid content.

Hat tip to the two excellent blogs who brought it to my attention: the New Testament Gateway and the Bible Software Review.

Building On Negatives

In Food Porn, Susan Wise Bauer writes about the tendency of modern authors to critique culture without offering a viable alternative: The cover‐model ideal is warped and twisted, but they can’t manage to unwarp it. I’m reminded of J. R. R. Tolkien’s orcs, who (according to the Silmarillion) were modeled on elves by the dark powers; they were fashioned “by slow arts of cruelty in envy and mockery,” because dark powers can only warp and twist, not create afresh. If you’ve never seen an elf, and you try to work backwards from an orc to its model, you’re darn well not going to end up with Orlando Bloom.

You can’t build on negation alone.

How often is our plan for being good to stop being bad? In the Biblical perspective, holiness is an addition equation, not a subtraction equation. We don’t merely seek to eradicate vices such as gossip and lying; on the contrary, we actively cultivate virtues such as love, joy, patience, and self‐control.

Just some quick thoughts inspired by an absolutely brilliant Tolkien reference in an otherwise unrelated article.

I’m the Video Blogger

Check it out–I’m the guest video blogger on in a clip entitled “I Doubt It”! We filmed this while I was in Atlanta for the campus ministers’ conference this weekend.

Curt (the video blog king) did some major editing to make me sound more intelligent than I was in that section–I was babbling like a fool but through the miracle of iMovie I came out looking not totally stupid.

Also, they have added a video archive so that you can check out all the past video blogs.

Chi Alpha Video Blogs

In case you haven’t been checking it out, the national Chi Alpha website has been rockin’ lately. If you want to get a feeling for what they’re doing, check out their video blogs (the most recent one is a video blog of love, but I think the one on postmodern cookie evangelism is a better intro).

Unfortunately, there’s no index to them all. You can sort of see one at, but it’s really just a directory listing. *sigh*

Update: there is an index to the Chi Alpha video blogs!

Booze, the Bible, and Bad Theology

As I promised in last night’s message Booze, The Bible, & Bad Theology, here are some resources outlining what the Bible says about fermented beverages.

* First, a list of every passage in the Bible that discusses alcohol.
* Daniel Whitfield has a good essay Alcohol and the Bible–well worth reading.
* Daniel Wallace wrote The Bible and Alcohol, an extremely helpful article from a very solid scholar.
* The Christian Counterculture project has an insightful collection of articles in their What Would Jesus Drink? collection.

There is diversity within the Christian camp on this issue, and a simple google search will find arguments from all corners. The ones I listed above are the ones I find most credible.

UPDATE: I just ran across a fascinating article at Christianity Today that gives a solid historical overview — Amassed Media: The Drink Debate.