Don Knuth’s 3:16 Project

A link to Don Knuth’s calligraphy of John 3:16

Donald Knuth, a retired computer science professor at Stanford, undertook a project many years ago to analyze every chapter 3 verse 16 in the Bible. It’s supposed to be quite fascinating, although I’ve not read it yet.

In any event, I just ran across the coolest thing on his website: John 3:16 in beautiful PDF calligraphy. The translation is pretty neat as well.

We Got A Screamin’ Yellow Ford Focus

Wow–this has got to be the brightest car in the world!

Yellow Ford Focus 2001Check out our extraordinarily yellow Ford Focus. We’re conducting an informal survey to decide what to call it. Current contenders are:

1) The Bumblebee
2) The Banana
3) The Taxi
4) The Lemon
5) The Happy Car
6) The Curious George Mobile

Let us know what you think! Either post a comment below this message or just send me an email. Incidentally, if you’re looking to buy a car, I highly recommend checking out and The advice in that first site saved us tons of money, and the second site helped us find good dealers in the area and gave us a great starting point for our negotiations.

Stanford Wins Sears Cup Again!

Stanford rocks in every area!

On a triumphalist note, I should mention that Stanford has won the Sears cup AGAIN

meet wally sparks online

! That makes 8 in a row. And not only did we win–we won by a lot. Here are the point totals:

1. Stanford 1499.0
2. Texas 1110.5
3. Florida 1078.0
4. North Carolina 1065.5
5. UCLA 1026.0

See how each individual sports teams did.

In case you’re wondering, the Sears Cup is awarded each year to the best overall collegiate athletics progam in the nation. In other words, we rock!

Thanks To the Women’s Ministries!

A big thank‐you to the women’s ministries of the Northern‐California/Nevada district of the Assemblies of God for their wonderful missions boutique.

In case you didn’t know, the Assemblies of God is divided into districts, and in moving from Missouri to California we changed districts. We’re now members of the Northern California/Nevada District.

Each district is pretty autonomous when it comes to interacting with missionaries, and so we’ve been delighted at how warm our reception has been here. Today we were able to visit the District Missions Boutique, which is a collection of very cool stuff (towels, sheets, kitchen items, etc) that the women’s ministries of churches throughout the district accumulate to give to missionaries. Wow! Thanks to all the women who participated in this program–you are such a blessing.

Photos Are Now Online

Links to photoso from our move.

Click for more pictures!
We have uploaded some photos from our move, click here to see them! It took us 7 days to make the trip but we were able to lots of friends and some really cool attractions.

We’ve also got a few pictures of our new apartment online now. (Many thanks to Ikea for making such excellent, cheap furniture!)

Stanford Student Moving In!

Our new roommate–Andrew Wright!

Wow–we’ve been living here seven days and we’ve already got a Stanford student moving in with us!

His name is Andrew Wright, and he’s a sophomore here at Stanford. His major is technically undeclared, but he’s planning on International Relations.

Among other things, he writes for The Stanford Review.

God is really opening up doors for us on campus–and we haven’t even started yet! (We’re not allowed to begin formally ministering on campus until we’ve secured 100% of our funding as mandated by Assemblies of God Home Missions. We’re currently near 70% of our assigned budget–pray that God would provide the rest by our September 23rd deadline.)

Preaching In Dobbins, CA

We’ve got our first California church service this Sunday! Paula and I are driving up to Dobbins, CA at Dobbins Christian Assembly, where Jack Overbey is the pastor. We’re pretty excited to begin sharing our vision with the churches of the Northern California/Nevada District of the Assemblies of God. Pray that God would grant us favor!

We’ve Arrived!

2674.6 miles later and we’re finally here in Palo Alto, and we’re loving it! Our life is consumed by cardboard boxes right now, but we’re slowly eradicating them from our lives (forever, God willing).

It took a while to get our Internet connection set up (although now we’ve got a smokin’ fast T1 connection!), so we apologize for being out of touch for so long.

Soon we’ll post some pics of our new apartment for those of you who are curious about such things, and we’ll also upload the story of our move. It was more relaxing than I thought it would be, and we got to see some truly amazing sights (Carlsbad Caverns, the Grand Canyon: two of the most famous holes in the world. After seeing them, I understand why people make such a big deal about them.)

What Makes Stanford Such a Strategic Mission Field?

Why Stanford is one of the most strategic mission fields on the planet: today they learn, tomorrow they lead!

Today They Learn, Tomorrow They Lead

In a very real sense, schools like Stanford function as a steering wheel
for our society. Whichever way they turn now determine how our society
will turn out a few decades down the road.

Alumni include

In other words, Stanford is one of the most strategic mission fields in the world! For an even fuller list of alumni, check out the Stanford famous alumni list!

Pray For These Chi Alphans!

Cover these first two Chi Alpha students in prayer!

are a few students currently involved with the Chi Alpha group at Stanford.
The three most involved are a junior named Luis Trujillo [last name
pronounced “true heal”, he’s the guy on the right], a freshman named
Andrew Wright (he’s the guy on the left), and another junior named Wilbur Montana (he’s the invisible guy in the middle).
Please pray that God would grant them favor with their peers as
they seek to reach out and favor in their studies so that they may get
good grades! Also pray for encouragement–it’s challenging to maintain
your faith at Stanford.