Cult On Campus

Heads up–there’s a cult active at Stanford. One of Andrew’s friends was approached this week by a group called “Students For the Truth at Stanford.”

They are a part of the “Local Church” founded by Witness Lee. The version of the Bible they hand out is called “The Recovery Version.”

This is not simply another Christian group like Cornerstone or InterVarsity. Those are wonderful groups that are good to be involved in (obviously, we’d prefer you plug into Chi Alpha, but that’s just ’cause we want to know you).

This group is fundamentally different. The Local Church is known for demanding absolute and unhealthy obedience from its followers. Here’s my counsel to you: groups like this mess up your life. If someone approaches you, give them absolutely no information about yourself or where you live. Be polite but firm.

Here are some links you can investigate:

Critical Perspectives
Apologetics Index
Living Truth Ministries
Christian Research Institute

Their Perspective
Students For The Truth At Stanford (does not seem to be actively maintained)
Living Stream Ministries
Bibles For America

6 thoughts on “Cult On Campus”

  1. Iam sorry to say but you are wrong in your comments about the Local Church!

  2. Anonymous from November 11, 2004:

    I promise, I tried to help you by calling KTVB to get more information on your daughter so I could go in and get her to call you. KTVB would not call me back. I have a feeling a “gag” order was in effect. I am so sorry this happened to you and your daughter. I’m hoping that by this time, either your daughter has woken up and reality has set in, or you have somehow been able to reach her.



  3. I have a brother who no longer has a relationship with us because of this cult. Get as far away from this false Christianity as you can…

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