Labor Looms Large

Yesterday we went to see the doctor for one of those regularly scheduled pregnancy checkups.

It went really well, but it was kind of funny at the end. The doctor had finished explaining what to watch out for and Paula said, “By the way–what’s this feeling on my belly right now?”

The doctor felt it and said, “That’s a contraction.”

“Oh, I’ve had three of those since we’ve been here.”

And the doctor gave Paula some medicine to slow the process down. Time to pack the bags and get everybody’s number in my cell phone…

Chi Alpha Video Blogs

In case you haven’t been checking it out, the national Chi Alpha website has been rockin’ lately. If you want to get a feeling for what they’re doing, check out their video blogs (the most recent one is a video blog of love, but I think the one on postmodern cookie evangelism is a better intro).

Unfortunately, there’s no index to them all. You can sort of see one at, but it’s really just a directory listing. *sigh*

Update: there is an index to the Chi Alpha video blogs!

The Bowling Alley Theologian Strikes Again

Back at SMS I used to head to the campus bowling alley in the student union and help students process questions about God. It was right when the television series Ed (about a bowling alley lawyer) was getting popular, and so I called myself the Bowling Alley Theologian. It was a lot of fun.

I had flashbacks today as I spent 5 hours in a long and rambling conversation with a student. We talked about the existence of God, the nature of truth, epistemology, morality, the nature of Scripture, archaelogy and the Exodus, evolutionary psychology, the mind-body problem, and the relationship between facts, faith, doubt, and skepticism.

It was a lot of fun.