Free Internet Accountability Software

I found this very interesting: Attention all you free loaders and moochers, this is the thing you’ve been waiting for. Finally something you get for FREE that is actually going to help you. Imagine that!

Here is how X3watch works. Let’s say you’re browsing the Internet and you’re looking at porn. The software makes a log of the porno site and then every 2 or 4 weeks your two designated accountability partners will get an email listing all the skin sites you’ve been on. Oh no-busted! Now that’s what we call real accountability. No more secrets dude!

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Software brought to you by triple‑x church, some crazy Christian guys who are tackling the porn industry head-on.

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  1. just thought i’d let you know about more crazy guys offering free web accountability software — us! our software actually sends a monthly report to your ‘accountability partner’…so there you have it. if you’re interested. Cheers! Steve

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