Selecting Good Workers

I just watched an excellent lecture by Malcolm Gladwell on the challenges of hiring wisely

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Very stimulating.

The same thing happens in ministry at both the clergy and the lay level. We over-value articulate extraverts and are dismissive of those who don’t fit the mold.

But I know several outstanding ministers who break every mold you can imagine. Everyone who knows lots of ministers does. And yet somehow we don’t internalize this real-world feedback. Like Samuel and David’s relatives, we measure the wrong things.

Anyway, all that to say that Gladwell’s talk is helpful at illustrating the extent to which we hire foolishly in our culture.

P.S. Extrovert vs Extravert. Either spelling is acceptable. I used “extravert” because I’ve noticed that’s the spelling most psychologists seem to use.

2 thoughts on “Selecting Good Workers”

  1. interesting. he’s quite a speaker.
    i wonder what the criteria for a good youth group teacher is…

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